Vulnerability Reproduction DataSet

This Vulnerability Reproduction DataSet is created and maintained by Penn State University

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Image Name username password
Ubuntu 8.10 exploit exploit
Ubuntu 10.04LTS exploit exploit
CentOS 6.5 core core
CentOS 5.5 core core
Ubuntu 11.04 dzm77 dzm77
Ubuntu 12.04 ubuntu ubuntu
Fedora fedora fedora
OpenSUSE core core
Ubuntu 14.04_core core core
Kali root kali
Ubuntu_14.04_alex research-cve toortoor
Ubuntu_14.04_pt pt pt

For details of vulnerabilities(in which virtual machine, what is the reproduction workspace, etc.), please refer to virtualmachine.csv.

If you encounter problems with keyword “Failed to lock files”, you could try to delete any .lck or .lock files or folders in the directory of the problematic VM.